looking glass: apertura series

looking glass: apertura series

laura murdoch

on view in gallery: august 13 – september 24, 2020

Looking Glass: The Apertura Series is a new series of work by glass artist Laura Murdoch

This series of vessels is the result of Murdoch’s recent interest in patterned amphoric shapes.  Departing from previous work, this series of vessels is smaller and heavier – with some vessels reaching fifteen pounds. Their heft is a result of encasing numerous layered patterns inside glass, an advancement in Murdoch’s labor-intensive patterning process. With each new layer, the object is cooled, patterned in a sandblaster, and reheated for continuation. The open and humble shape of Murdoch’s newest vessels permits the viewer to concentrate on colour and pattern. By cutting the object in cross section, the artist brings into sharp focus the intricacy of the layered internal structure. “Each outer layer becomes a window, allowing partial glimpses through to the inner layers.” For this reason, the artist has chosen to call this new work Looking Glass: Apertura Series

Central to Murdoch’s work is the idea of containment. While the open form of these objects may challenge traditional understandings of the vessel and of containment, this form allows light to enter, generating a dialogue between the object, light, and color. Each object of the Apertura Series is filled with light, revealing the beautiful color that is created when light meets glass.

Laura Murdoch

 Born in Vancouver and raised in the Yukon, Laura Murdoch has found inspiration in the intense vibrant colorings of her surroundings. For over ten years, the artist studied glass blowing and worked alongside the William Morris Team at the Pilchuck Glass School (Stanwood, WA).

Currently, Murdoch makes and teaches at Terminal City Glass (Vancouver). She is represented in galleries across both Canada and the United States and has recently shown work at CircleCraft (Vancouver), Pilchuck Glass School, and Seymour Art Gallery (Deep Cove). 


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