allan cusworth

allan cusworth




Allan’s first exposure to woodturning was in high school in Cobourg, Ontario, but it was not until after moving to British Columbia in the early 1990’s that Allan took a serious interest in the craft. He currently belongs to two local woodturners’ guilds as well as the American Association of Woodturners.

He is recognized for his platters, bowls, and engraved pens, as well as his unique hollow vessels. He also creates some specialized items such as goblets with captive rings turned on the stem for weddings, anniversaries and other special occasions. He takes specific interest in fine buffing his pieces to create a shiny finish. His goal is to make each piece of work unique by embellishing wood grain patterns, and natural wood coloration.

His platters and bowls are generally finished with food-safe materials, and are meant to be used. However, many become display pieces when purchased by his international customers.

His style is constantly changing as he looks for that special piece of wood he can transform into a beautiful piece of functional art.

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