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Catherine Thomson’s fine hand-knitted gossamer lace shawls, made mainly from the finest natural fibres, have elements of boldness and fragility, designed to be as light as air, wafting in the slightest breeze. Her shawls combine traditional stitches and motifs of the ancient craft of Shetland lace with those of her own designs, inspired by nature around her. The type of stitches used and the placement of the stitches can produce either soft and delicate, or bold and dramatic pieces.

Her craft has been an everyday part of her life since emigrating to Canada from Scotland as a young adult. She was taught the craft of knitting by oral instruction as a young child and it became part of her life, but it took on a different meaning while adjusting to her new life. The craft kept her connected to her traditional roots while growing new roots, and kept her grounded.

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