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cathy beaumont

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Cathy is a glass beadmaker and jewellery designer in Vancouver. She is an active member of Terminal City Glass Co-op and Pacific Pyros. She has worked in jewellery design and sales with a partner since 2012, and struck out on her own as of January 2017. Her work has been featured in the Eastside Culture Crawl and at various craft shows in the Lower Mainland.

artist statement

Glass is a fascinating material: transparent when solid, opaque when hot, colour-changing in its stages of heating and cooling, and impossible to touch while it’s being made. When hot it can be as runny as honey or as stiff as wood. Glass sparked my curiosity from the very first time I worked with it.
As an art material, glass has an ancient history, much of which has been preserved over the centuries due to glass’s durability. The headrest for King Tut’s mummy is cast glass. Ancient Romans had glass containers. The first glass in Venice was made over 1400 years ago. As a glass beadmaker I am part of this longstanding tradition.
My work is inspired by the clean lines and organic shapes of Modern design. Every piece I make must function optimally as well as enhance the human environment in which it is placed. There is nothing extra in my designs — just clear, saturated colour in a streamlined form that invites the light.