clarissa long

clarissa long

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metal | wood | mixed media


Originally from Vancouver, British Columbia, Clarissa moved coast to coast to attend NSCAD University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Major in Jewelry Design and Metalsmithing and received the Arthur Lismer Award for Academic Excellence. Clarissa was the 2017 winner of the Niche Awards for the Student Table Top category and one of five finalists in the L.A. Pai National Student Jewellery Competition. Her work has since travelled across Canada, exhibiting in Vancouver, Ottawa, Toronto, and Halifax. She has most recently exhibited internationally in the Beijing International Jewelry Exhibition and Munich’s international Talente 2018.

artist statement

My current works have grown from my interest in skewed views. Inspired by the coexistence of natural and manmade landscapes, I am drawn towards alternative, non-traditional materials. Through my use of found, discarded and industrial materials, I seek to challenge the notions of perceived value and redesign the architecture of preciousness. I am also drawn towards the juxtaposition of dualities such as old and new, east and west, departure and arrival. Through my practice I have found that by using and seeing less, sometimes we can get more.