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Denise Jeffrey, a Burnaby-based ceramic artist, obtained a BFA from the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design in 1999, majoring in ceramics; she went on to establish a studio near Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. The recipient of numerous awards, she has exhibited her work in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Washington State and British Columbia. After moving to British Columbia in 2009, Denise became involved with the ceramics community, serving as President of the Potters Guild of BC from 2012-2015. She joined the board of the North West Ceramics Foundation in 2012, serving as Vice-President from 2013- 2016 and as President from 2016-2018. Working in clay gives Denise a strong sense of fulfillment. While process and product are important elements, she also enjoys the way pots connect people. Denise has had the privilege to hear many stories about how her pieces become part of people’s daily lives or special events.

artist statement

I have always enjoyed how my ceramics connect people. Often, I have had the privilege to hear stories about how one or more of my pieces have become part of people’s daily lives or special events, whether bought as gifts or self indulgences. Growing up in Canada’s smallest province, surrounded by water and now living near the Coast Salish Sea of British Columbia, I have lived my entire life near the ocean. I am informed and re energized by the intertidal edges between land and sea where one can walk everyday and see change, be it erosion or deposition. My current work consists primarily of functional ware such as vases, cups, and bowls of various sizes. Created from white porcelaneous stoneware, each thrown piece is decorated using texture and cobalt inlay. The deep texturing and/or carving is highly influenced by coastal rock formations, allowing shadow and light to play off each other for an additional level of depth and interest that is reflected on the interior surface of the work. The Blue & White decoration is influenced by the aesthetic originating in the Middle East and Asia and further developed in Europe after the 17th century. Motifs commonly found on textiles and patterns from nature, be they geometric or organic, from plants to rocks, inform the decorative aspects of my work. The goal is to create pieces that can be appreciated for their form, colour and feel, and used every day at home.