eberhard (abe) lorenzen

eberhard (abe) lorenzen


metal | wood


Abe was born and raised in Germany, he served an apprenticeship to build custom commercial trucks, this gave him the experience to work with many different materials, but he prefers to work with wood and metal.

After continuing his professional career in Canada he retired in 2019 to put his focus on a different kind of creative outlet, he decided to experiment with functionality and esthetic of wood to create table lamps.
Many different pieces of wood and other materials had crossed his hands over the years, and some cutoffs didn’t go into the waste bin, because they looked really promising to make something nice out of them. These are the challenging wooden blocks he kept to use for his creations.
He loves to reveal the stunning beauty of those humble and unassuming blocks of wood, bringing out the best and hide imperfections, or even highlight these to feature them to make the lamps more interesting.

artist statement