judi patson

judi patson


In 2003, I traded the bustling sets of the film industry for the intricate world of jewellery design. Leaving behind my role as a first assistant director, I channelled my innate creativity into the delicate art of crafting jewellery. My cinematic background, combined with diverse experiences, became the foundation for a venture where innovation shines brightly. 

My debut piece, which later became my namesake, was a unique design embedding a level within jewellery, symbolizing balance. This novel concept not only marked a successful shift in my career trajectory but also found pride of place on the masthead of the National Post — a testament to its novelty and appeal. 

Today, my portfolio has gracefully evolved, echoing themes like balance, connection, harmony, and tradition. I take pride in crafting clever jewellery, each infused with significance, tailored to resonate with its wearer. This dedication to individuality and meaning is the very essence of evendesign.

artist statement

In the world of jewellery, novelty meets timeless elegance in my creations. Each piece I craft is an amalgamation of innovative concepts and enduring quality, inspired by the joy I witness in those who wear my designs. From the initial spark of a seemingly eccentric idea, I meticulously refine each concept into a wearable piece of art that seamlessly integrates into one of the eight meaningful themes. This process ensures every adornment resonates deeply, allowing wearers to carry a piece of these themes with them, making each day a little more special. 

My work occupies a distinct niche in the jewellery landscape; it’s a dance between the avant-garde and the classic. While I predominantly work with sterling silver and gold vermeil, occasionally integrating bronze, I’m not shy to infuse my pieces with unconventional materials, from functional spirit levels and compasses to innovative jewellery that harnesses the primal essence of fire. 

In my journey, nature stands as an unwavering muse, a gift from my greatest creative influence – my mother. Her innate artistic brilliance and advice to seek inspiration from the natural world led to the creation of my ‘Harmony’ line, a heartfelt ode to nature’s unmatched beauty. As you explore my collection, I invite you to experience the joy, innovation, and timeless beauty that defines my work, and perhaps find a piece that speaks to your own story.