kjaer pedersen

kjaer pedersen

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Kjaer has a B.A. in Art and a B.Ed. degree. She has taught art at the elementary level along with Grades 8 to 12 and at the University level including Drawing, 2D and 3D.

While teaching, Kjaer both took courses and taught adults in a multitude of art classes. She explores various forms of art.

Kjaer began life as an artist, and is experienced in working with clay, charcoals, paints and pastels. She inherited this artistic soul from her Danish father and her passion for creating from her black mother.

After teaching, Kjaer became Artist In Residence. She was a dedicated potter, but, when she began working with fabric, she knew she had found her true medium.

Self taught but always searching and learning, Kjaer designs and plays with every garment much as she did with her pottery and all of her art. Free spirited and joyous.

artist statement

I create Art and Style, for all sizes of women, in my North Shore studio.

Slow Fashion is simply joyous to wear every day and for all occasions. The diversity of my clothing line is representative of the respect of individuality in the beauty of EVERY body.

I have always been an artist and I create wearable art with intention. No two garments are identical and each one incorporates the playful artistic spirit of the artist. I love to play and it shows. I free-hand cut and then sew jackets, ponchos, ruanas, vests, tunics and tops.

Along with the regular KOME array of individually made clothing, I am now integrating more recycled vintage fabrics and I have a line of upcycled reimagined garments.

I often play with dyeing, bleaching, stamping, appliquéing and painting on fabrics.

My line consists of reimagined clothing, along with an abundance of natural fibres including silk, wool, cotton, tencel and linen.

A feast for the eyes and a pleasure for the soul is KOME!