larissa piva

larissa piva


wood | mixed media


Larissa is a woodworker, candle maker, resin artist, and writer. She launched her small business Craft Cove during the pandemic, continuing to grow it to offer workshops to community members and participate in local artist collectives like The East Side Culture Society, Awen Haus, and the Craft Council of BC. She enjoys creating functional items designed for sharing, especially those found in the kitchen, as well as art that replicates the colours and movement of nature. Larissa also dabbles in photography, inspired by both her local and international travels. When you can’t find her in the shop, she may be lurking in an undisclosed location, often a fictional one, writing her Masters Thesis for the UBC Creative Writing program.

artist statement

As an artist, I am dedicated to creating functional and sustainable art. My passion for woodworking extends into writing and photography. The endless artistic possibilities that these combined mediums offer fuel my desire to develop and refine my skills in order to create pieces that reflect my unique perspective. I aim to inspire others with my work while also contributing positively toward our environment and the community through the use of eco-conscious materials and the offering of community-led workshops.