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sarah groves

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Sarah Groves. a metalsmith/jeweller, is a graduate of the Jewellery Art & Design program at Vancouver Community College (VCC). She has completed advanced jewellery studies at the Revere Academy in San Francisco and with Michael Good in Rockport, Maine. For 13 years she taught jewellery techniques in Continuing Studies at VCC, and for several summers she created and ran a workshop, Eco-friendly Patinas from the Kitchen, Backyard and Grocery Store, at the Truro Centre for the Arts at Castle Hill in Massachusetts.


artist statement

I am a metalsmith/jeweller working with copper, silver, gold and natural gemstones to make jewellery and small sculptural pieces. My original designs are forged, fused, fabricated, reticulated, embossed or cast using the lost-wax process. My experience as a printmaker and ecologist influences my designs which often incorporate a variety of textures and references to natural objects. My work consists of several production lines, commissions and one-of-a-kind pieces that respond to materials, techniques and design challenges that intrigue me.