sharon reay

sharon reay


clay | wood


Born and raised in Nanaimo, Sharon Reay was creating art in various media since childhood. After attending the Vancouver School of Art, she continued taking courses and workshops as she grew her art practice and raised her children in Burnaby. In the ’80’s, she taught ceramics at the Burnaby Arts Centre for several years, before it became the Shadbolt Centre for the Arts.  By the early 90’s she had become the Adult Arts Programmer (in all disciplines except music), then later her position shifted to focus upon Ceramics of all ages.  Her main focus has been on clay for the past 40 years, but she has often turned to other materials – mainly drawing and working with wood, when circumstances or injuries made work with clay impossible. The imagery she is most inspired by comes from children’s literature or nature and her whimsical characters most often elicit smiles from those who come across them.

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