sherida charles

sherida charles

new westminster



Sherida Charles is a New Westminster artist with a background in Fine Arts and Art Education. She worked as a Secondary Art teacher for 28 years in the Coquitlam School district after completing a BFA and BEd from UBC and a Diploma in Painting from Banff Centre. Sherida is now a full time artist working out of Howe Street studios in Vancouver, a collaborative space run by Malaspina Printmakers on Granville Island. Sherida has shown her work in Vancouver, Banff, Jamaica, New York, and New Westminster. Her current work is mainly relief prints in small editions and mixed media paintings.

artist statement

A fascination with patterns and composition inform my recent work in printmaking, using a multicolour reduction approach in lino or woodcut. I seek to record seeming unimportant subject matter in ways that highlight its intrinsic beauty and complexity. Impressed also by the work of Mondrian, seen in person in 2019, I have aimed to perfect my vision of the simplicity of arrangements of colour and line found in local signs and scenes. A desire to move my work in ever-more abstract directions is compelling me forward in all media.