stuart duncan

stuart duncan

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artist statement

As a child, I was always drawing, deriving inspiration from the natural world around me. My ability to depict the world through the use of realistic lines led me into a career as an illustrator. Later, it inspired me to produce a line of jewelery that marries realism to silver. I live on 12 acres of Vancouver Island forest filled with birds, animals and ponds, so I only need to open the front door or look out the window to see deer, ravens, shooting stars, slugs, juncos, or hummingbirds. I believe that when we look at the colours and lines of a bird, the beautiful shape of a plant or the movement of a deer, we recognize within us the beauty and strength of the nature world. It is important to remember  that we are also a part of it. believe it is important to celebrate the natural world around us, because even though we try to dominate it, it is so often forgotten that we are also a part of it.