valeria martinez

valeria martinez


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For over 10 years Valeria Martinez’s favourite medium used in the creation of her pieces has been cow horn. 

She had the opportunity to learn from a remarkable artisan who revealed the secrets of working with this exceptional organic material. Horn is lightweight, feels warm to the touch, it is harder than wood, and thermoplastic which allows it to change shape when heat is applied. Horn has been referred to as the plastic of the Middle Ages.

As years went by she started working with other materials. As a result her work has evolved, it has expanded beyond the use of horn. She has also mastered other techniques such as stone inlaid and metal etching.

Valeria Martinez took silversmith classes in Argentina and later attended jewellery courses in ACAD.

After traveling and living in different places, like Germany and Ireland, she settled down in Canada where she was able to transform this passion into a full-time profession.

Born and raised in Argentina, Valeria Martinez currently lives in Victoria, BC.

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