viyan petekkaya

viyan petekkaya




Viyan is a Kurdish designer based in Vancouver, BC. She holds a Bachelor of International Economics from the University of British Columbia where she was an ILOT Award recipient, and a Graphic Design Associate Certificate from the British Columbia Institute of Technology where she graduated with distinction. She continues her creative journey in the Jewellery Art and Design program at Vancouver Community College, where she received the Craft Council of BC Award for technical achievement.

Having long revered people who work with their hands, Viyan finds a profound sense of fulfillment in her training as a goldsmith: “While working with metal, you need to listen to it, be patient and respect its boundaries. Approach the people in your life like you approach metal, and your relationships will flourish.”

Through her jewellery designs, Viyan delves into abstract concepts, exploring the complexities of individual identities, the intricacies of human psychology, and the question of existence, among other themes.

artist statement

Where there is connection, there is tension. Chiaroscuro is an introspective exploration of this duality present in all forms of relationships, from the one between our inner and outer selves to the one we have with our surroundings.

The undulating shapes of the pieces introduced in this collection are inspired by contemporary ballet. The dancers’ movements are translated into the form of jewelry to enhance the wearer’s body language and communicate their deepest emotions. The sinuous outlines bring a sensual touch to each piece while also echoing the vigour of the hammer blows that formed them. In each curve, in each crevice, there are traces of vulnerability but also strength. There is pain but also endurance.

Chiaroscuro carries a hint of existential philosophy: while the dark patina takes the wearer on a journey along the heft of their existence, the bright contrasting surfaces and a subtle touch of pearls offer them a light caress, a gentle reminder that they have the power to build their own essence.