wendy davey

wendy davey

new westminster



Wendy is an emerging metal artist completing her final year at Vancouver Community College. Her exhibition Wonders of the Sea is currently showing at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in downtown Vancouver. Wendy can often be found walking her rescue dog on the historic streets of New Westminster. She draws inspiration and joie de vivre from the ever changing world around her.

artist statement

I am just emerging from my final year of studying Jewellery Art and Design at Vancouver Community College. This program has laid the foundation of my metalsmithing skills. My goal is to keep learning and developing these techniques and skills, while exploring more opportunities to learn.

My goal is to create unique pieces that offer the wearer a feeling of whimsy and fun, fostering a special bond between the wearer and the art.

I have found a love of forging which can often be seen in my collections, a passion for casting has also emerged. Particularly in connection with 3D modeling from Rhino applications. I also plan to expand my experience working with enamels and the many techniques available to learn.

Most commonly I have worked in copper and sterling silver, I have done limited work with reticulated silver and a small selection of pieces I have worked with gold. I often enhance my pieces by incorporating semi-precious gemstones or sea glass.