of special concern (extirpated, endangered, threatened)

of special concern (extirpated, endangered, threatened)

red & blue listed birds of BC

faro annie sullivan

october 5th - november 4th, 2023

ccbc shop & gallery

The installation is titled: Of Special Concern (Extirpated, Endangered, Threatened): Red and Blue listed Birds of BC. This work is a physical representation of 103 BC birds, each red or blue listed on the species list. British Columbia has the highest rate of biodiversity in Canada, and hand in hand with that, has the most endangered species The installation is part of an ongoing witnessing of the present state of species and biodiversity within my province.

This installation brings the viewer into direct contact with these threatened birds, the material manifestation of a number, a statistic. The birds are all handmade and pit-fired. They hang from the ceiling in a flock, hovering around a raku fired urn which is inscribed with their names. In coming into contact the with birds, the hope is to educate, stimulate and perhaps inspire action towards legislation dedicated to protecting and recovering species at risk.

Faro Annie Sullivan is a self-taught ceramic artist, educator and studio technician who explores relationships with the natural world through personal and political narrative. She studied creative writing at the University of Victoria and has a degree in Folklore from Memorial University of Newfoundland. Having spent 20 years as a mainly studio production potter as Dirty Girl Clayworks, she is currently exploring other ceramic avenues, including installation and sculpture. She has taught at various locations in Western Canada, including Red Deer College and the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, and currently maintains a position as studio technologist at Camosun College