who i am

who i am

who i am

Grade 7’s of Queen Elizabeth Elementary School

april 22 - 27, 2023

craft council of bc gallery

meet the curators (teachers!)

bryden macdonald + elizabeth marr

10a - 3p saturday april 22

artist(s) statement

Hi! We are the Grade 7’s of Queen Elizabeth Elementary School. Last year we worked with the CCBC to create a gallery show called “Oceans.” We made different works of art highlighting perspectives of the sea. We had a great experience that motivated us to improve our artistic talents and we are so thankful to partner with the Craft Council for a second time!

This year our topic is “Who I Am.” We are using our art to express who we are as individuals. Our aim is not to show who we are on the outside but on the inside. This experience will better our art education and help us know who we are in the world. We hope that this show will be very creative, innovative, and inspiring. We look forward to seeing you!