akiab martinez
nascent five exhibition

akiab martinez
nascent five exhibition

In conjunction with her CCBC gallery show, we asked artist Akiab Martinez to share with us a
bit about herself, her inspiration and her audience. 

Exhibition will be on view in our gallery from jan 4 – jan 18, 2024. 

artist bio
As a Spanish Canadian, born in Montreal, but raised in the Okanagan mountains near Kelowna I take inspiration from the mountains and colors of the earth. My artistic focus spans resin jewelry, ceramics, and wood carving, with a particular passion for ceramics. This medium, for me, delves into the relationship between natural elements and the earth, grounding me and fostering a connection to nature as I shape clay with my hands. Drawing inspiration from my mountain upbringing, my work reflects the beauty of the natural world. As a visual artist influenced by nature and color, my goal is to convey an appreciation for our world and strengthen our connection with ourselves and the earth. The learning journey continues as I explore new ideas, techniques, and media variations.

” a customer described the sculpture he acquired as having a life of its own”

My journey into becoming an artist was ignited by a profound appreciation for the power of self-expression and the transformative nature of art. The absolute joy derived from crafting with my hands became an undeniable source of inspiration, compelling me to continually explore and create new works.

In addition to my passion for working with clay, I find joy in crafting resin jewelry and engaging in wood carving. The tactile experience of shaping materials by hand and the spontaneity of bringing new projects to life as they come to mind is what truly fuels my creative spirit.

When individuals engage with my ceramic creations, they often experience a profound emotional response marked by both tactile appreciation and visual fascination. I intend to establish a genuine connection through the distinctive interplay of textures, shapes, and colors in each piece, invoking emotions ranging from warmth and serenity to a sense of curiosity. One memorable encounter was shared by a customer who described the sculpture he acquired as having a life of its own. The seamless integration of the sculpture’s form with the captivating glaze color left him marveling, challenging the belief that such intricate beauty could be crafted from clay.