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What is the role of the frame within visual arts? The Craft Council of British Columbia presents our inaugural fundraising auction and exhibition, FRAMED | february 15 – march 1, 2022

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The Vancouver Metal Arts Association presents ‘Unearthed’. This group exhibition features 23 artists whose works explore contemporary jewellery and metal arts | march 3 – april 28, 2022

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Dance: Craft is a long term collaborative and transdisciplinary project shared between CCBC, Joe Laughlin of Joe Ink and craft artists Patrick Christie, Stefanie Dueck, Deb Dumka, Hope Forstenzer and Debra Sloan | Spring 2022

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the sewing box

“The Sewing Box” is an installation by artist Jenny Judge focusing on the discovery of a discarded sewing box | november 18 – january 10, 2022

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