CCBC Pop-Up Shop | July Reflections

CCBC Pop-Up Shop | July Reflections

Debbie Katz

“I loved seeing all of my felted pieces set up in the beautiful display area that I was given for the pop-up. They looked fantastic under the natural light from the skylight. I also enjoyed discussing my craft with many people, explaining the differences between needle felting and wet-felting, showing them how needle felting worked. The CCBC staff created a warm and welcoming atmosphere in the Gallery and it was very pleasant to spend two days with them!”

Korinna Vader

“I enjoyed being able to meet Vancouver customers in person. It allowed my customers to see/feel/try on my pieces before purchasing them.”

Bettina Matzkuhn

“I like to have the opportunity to explain my process to visitors. It’s also interesting to see which works attract people and why. [Having the pop-up] doesn’t change how I work but reinforces the need to have samples and background materials to help explain the process.”

Adea Chung & Jemma Van Osch

“It was really great to get feedback from visitors on our new work. The gallery staff were so friendly and accommodating, offering the space at no cost to the artist took the pressure off for sure.”

“I enjoyed being able to get a taste of how my work sits in this kind of a gallery setting. The pop up shop enabled me to see my new projects displayed all at once, as well as to get a sense for the correct setting and audience it may need. It had a contemplative impact on my practice.”

Yumi Nagumo 

“I loved being able to meet, chat, and share my craft with visitors both local and from around the globe. Hosting a Pop-Up Shop at the CCBC had a positive impact on my practice. I’m happy to have had many meaningful conversations where people were surprised and appreciated how each little piece was cut out using a jewellers saw. I’ve had thoughts of possibly trying a faster means of production, but ultimately that’s not the point of why I make pieces. This experience shined a light on the original reason of why I enjoy making pieces slowly.”