cindy karimun nascent five exhibition

cindy karimun nascent five exhibition

In conjunction with her CCBC gallery show, we asked artist Cindy Karimun to share with us
a bit about herself, her inspiration and her audience. 

Exhibition will be on view in our gallery from jan 4 – jan 18, 2024.

artist bio
I was born in Jakarta, Indonesia. I hold a Bachelor of Arts (BA) major in Industrial Design from Limkokwing University in Malaysia, graduated from the Jewellery Design program at LaSalle College Vancouver and received the Artistic Excellence Award. In 2012, I established my jewellery brand “Tree Craft Diary” – emphasizing the natural characteristics of gemstones with a touch of contemporary, unique style. My work has been exhibited in numerous international shows including South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and Indonesia, and was featured in the Framed exhibition and received the People’s Choice award for The Earring Show 2022 at CCBC.

When I am not working on my bench, I work as an outdoor furniture designer. I create designs that invite people to  sit while reading a book or chatting and dining with their friends and family. All of my activities circle around design.

“all my activities circle around design.

I love beautiful and meaningful designs, as well as arts & crafts ever since I was young. Handcrafting has always been my hobby. I like to push myself and expand my creativity towards projects that I am working on, and feel a sense of accomplishment whenever I get nice positive feedback from the audience.

To name a few, I usually receive responses saying that my creations look like a fantasy, it is pretty, neat, have a nice visual, marvelous design, super cute and top quality. Other says it is like a sound of well wishes and a prayer of good things with a theme wrapped in fashion. I always feel thankful when people take the time to give their feedback. I even have this “gratitude” folder on my phone which I collect every screenshot of customers’ positive feedback.