Cory Yeung

Cory Yeung

Meet Cory Yeung, one of the emerging artists featured in Interiors: Emerging artists explore life at home, on view at the CCBC Gallery until March 5, 2020.

“My journey to becoming an artist has been a long one. As a kid, I was an introvert used art and craft as a well of expression. This continues to follow through in my practice. Although I’ve gone through many different career paths, they all have failed to keep my interests. This is when I realized that I was meant to pursue the arts.

For my creative process, I am really inspired by architectural forms and my family. As a Chinese-Canadian, I always find my artwork as a way of self-discovery, where I can explore the world my ancestors left for me, and the world my family left for Canada. This is truly apparent in my choice of colour and rich surface decoration. Although not entirely steeped in Chinese iconography, I trace the many layers of colour and brushwork to the layering of the many different sources of inspiration through my family and education.


I am a former design major, and my love for architecture and form has followed in my work. In 2019, I explored the recurring architectural foundation of the arch through clay, especially earthenware. The elegance in the curve married in its strength has always been one reason I love it. It is also one of the foundations of Western architecture and art.

My creative process usually involves sketches and a lot of material exploration. I love to feel the clay react to how I use it. Through my textile work, I have used sewing techniques learned when making my own clothing. At first, I felt that creativity would be enough in any career. Although I had a great time in art class during my childhood, I did not truly think of becoming an artist until I found myself at a crossroads between pursuing a design career, or taking the plunge into art school. This gut feeling made me leave behind the safe confines of a stable career, but it has enlightened an inner vulnerability that has been unleashed through my art practice.

I believe people sense the resonance of passion and joy when they see and hold my work. I utilize vibrant colours and forms that make you want to touch and see what it feels like. The luxury of glazing, surface texture and fabric allows for such a tactile response. I hope my work serves as an invitation into that feeling of vibrant passion.

When I am not creating, I attend exhibition openings, consume a lot of media, enjoy cooking and baking, and enjoy the city. A lot of my work centres on architectural forms and my family background as well. I tend to seek out activities that allow me to enjoy these as well. These activities activate feelings and moods, which inform my practice immensely. This is either through visual language, or through my emotional response.