Hope Forstenzer Omen
dreams of flight

dreams of flight

hope forstenzer

april 1 - april 30, 2022

ccbc shop & gallery

Wings, and their ability to lift their owners into the sky, are a source of tremendous human fantasy and jealousy; flying is freedom, flying is joy, flying is magical, flying is escape — and flying is always just outside of the human body’s experience. In every part of our history we revere creatures who can fly, and we imbue our religious practices with winged angels, birds, and icons. The wings are made with a variety of glassmaking techniques, including blowing, hot sculpting, sandcarving, and fusing.

This installation features four pieces that are part of The Dream Of Flight, a collection of glass wings created in 2021 and shown at PoMoArts in the fall of the same year.

Hope Forstenzer lived most of her life in and around New York City, and is now living in Vancouver, Canada. Her work has been shown at D’Adamo Woltz Gallery in Seattle, and at both New-Small & Sterling and The Seymour Art Gallery in the Vancouver area, as well as being sold at Vancouver’s East Side Culture Crawl.