Tapestry International

March 11 - April 22, 2021

ccbc gallery

INTERFACE is both the title and the conceptual theme of a woven-tapestry exhibition produced by Tapestry Touring International (TTI). Jane Freear-Wyld, of Coventry, England is the founder and coordinating director of TTI: a not-for-profit collective of tapestry artists who individually interpret the exhibition’s theme and create a small-format tapestry (max. 25 x 25cms). Individual artistic vision of the common theme gives the exhibition both conceptual unity and dynamic variety.

Barbara Heller, Shell and Feather (2019)

 Freear-Wyld selected the word “interface” because of the diversity of its meanings: reflecting both social structures – real lived experience of virtual ones; and its contemporary resonances of technology. The single word placed virtually no limitations on the tapestry artists’ creative process. Beyond a creative catalyst, “Interface” plays many different roles in the creation of this exhibition: it connects artists from two countries; each artist’s loom is their interface between concept and tapestry; the interaction of warp and weft and fibre choices; the exhibition itself is the interface between artist and audience. 

INTERFACE features the tapestries of 30 invited artists: 15 from England and 15 from Canada. The Canadian weavers span the country, living in Brtish Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Nova Scotia. The 30 weavers represent artists at various stages of their career: from novice weavers to those with international reputations. 

INTERFACE aims to enlighten, inspire and educate its audience in relation to the variety and range of individual approaches to both the conceptual and technical bases for creating a woven tapestry.

INTERFACE is the second non-juried international touring exhibition coordinated by TTI. The first, Elements: earth, wind, air, fire, featured the work of 30 invited artists representing the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States. Each weaver-artist interpreted, rather than represented, one or more elements. This collection of 30 tapestries successfully toured a total of 5 exhibition venues across the three countries.

Tapestry Touring International is preparing for future international touring exhibitions featuring weaver-artists from different countries interpreting new themes to create new and dynamic exhibitions.

Thoma Ewen, Starwatch (2016)