is Vancouver a craft city?

is Vancouver a craft city?

is Vancouver a craft city?








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This is an ongoing discussion  – the first session was held on February 28, 2020. Next meetings have been suspended until further notice due to COVID19. 

the craft community in Vancouver

In celebration of  Craft Year 2020, the  Craft Council of BC  and   Crafted Vancouver  would like to  invite you to a community meeting to discuss having Vancouver designated a   Craft City  by the  World Craft Council. Vancouver would be the first city in North American to do so.

Given our environment, regional history and its’ ubiquitous use in all aspects of design, craft and architecture, we felt that working with wood, in all of its’ various forms, would provide an ideal focus for our our proposal.

We are inviting you or a representative from your organization to attend an 1.5 hr meeting on February 28th to discuss whether this initiative in your estimation is viable and if so, is it something you would like to endorse. To see what is required for the World Craft Council to designate Vancouver a Craft City please click   here.

We welcome a diversity of communities and individuals to give us feedback around this initiative – artists, gallery curators and organizations – essentially anyone who uses wood in their creative or design process.

Don’t work in wood but would like to participate? – by all means come to the meeting – wood may be the focus, but this World Craft Council designation it is about recognizing all of Vancouver’s vibrant craft, design and architecture communities.

If you are unable to attend but would like to chat about this initiative please feel free to contact Raine @  rainejmckay (at) 604.687.6511.