kassandra lee
nascent five exhibition

kassandra lee
nascent five exhibition

In conjunction with her CCBC gallery show, we asked artist Kassandra Lee to share with us a bit about herself, her inspiration and her audience.

Exhibition will be on view in our gallery from jan 4 – jan 18, 2024. 

artist bio
I work mainly with ceramics and digital media in conversation with my Chinese cultural identity, and am particularly interested in reimagining objects of tangible culture. Some themes of my work include hybridity and diaspora. I graduated from Langara College and am currently attending Emily Carr University, as I try to figure myself and my practice out!

When I am not creating I love to enjoy the work of others, whether it’s playing a video game, watching a show, or seeing other forms of visual media. It’s always exciting to see another person’s work and leave feeling energized and inspired to work on my own.

As a kid I was always very interested in art! My hands were always reaching to make something, and it’s still the same now. I wanted to become an artist because there is still an endless amount of things to learn how to make.

My work evokes feelings of nostalgia, with references to the past and familiar objects. At the same time, the objects are reimagined using other materials or methods in a playful way.