akiab martinez

akiab martinez




Akiab was born in Montreal to Spanish parents, but she moved to the Okanagan as an infant to live on a ranch surrounded by nature, where she lived with her family until 1999 when they moved to Spain. Going from living in the mountains to the city, was tumultuous for her. As a way of escaping the city, she started drawing Japanese anime and that opened a door for creativity. Returning to Canada after 25 years in Spain, she worked in different types of jobs, but during the pandemic, she quit her job and started her diploma in Fine Arts at Langara College. Never worked with clay before, and once she had her first ceramic class, she immediately fell in love with it. She loves to work with her hands, and create things, and is passionate about the work process and developing her practice and skills.

artist statement

My name is Akiab, and I am a Spanish Canadian visual artist. Having finished my Diploma in Fine Arts from Langara College, I am most interested in ceramics as I feel that it explores the relationship between the natural elements and the earth we live in. Feeling the clay in my hands keeps me grounded and connected to nature. Raised in the mountains, I take inspiration from nature and tend to have my pieces with a design, and color that touches the natural elements of the earth. I hope to communicate with my work a sense of appreciation for the world we live in.