anna altwein

anna altwein

vancouver, bc

metal, jewellery


Anna Altwein is a Vancouver based Jeweler and multi-disciplinary artist. Since beginning Vancouver Community College’s Jewellery, Art and Design Program in 2021, Anna continues to refine and expand her skills as a Goldsmith. In 2022, she was awarded the Craft Council of BC Award for technical achievement and the Donna Hawrelko Design Award for outstanding achievement in Gemmology. Anna will exhibit her work at Craft Council of BC and the Queen Elizabeth Theater in 2023. When away from the excitement of her jewelry bench, Anna can be found studying Gemmology or scouring libraries for her next inspiration.

artist statement

Inspired by humanity’s interpretations of the vast unknown, I create sleek jewels realized in symbolic materials and embellished with archetypal imagery. The resulting designs invite viewers to connect with the universal myths which have provided inspiration and guidance for countless generations. My creative practice is propelled by the joyful process of transmuting raw metals and gem materials into new, symbolic forms. By constantly experimenting with new alloys, fabrication methods, and gemstones, I am able to keep my offerings dynamic, satisfy my curiosity, and explore the magnificent history of Goldsmithing.