anni hunt

anni hunt

west vancouver

fibre | mixed media


Anni was born and educated in the North of England. She focused her studies in the field of medical imaging in 1969. Anni moved to Canada in 1981 and began a long and successful career in radiology (X-ray and ultrasound medical imaging.)

Anni’s life-long passion for textiles and stitch inspired her to begin exploring quilting in the early 1990s. Throughout the ‘90s, Anni rapidly formalized her skills, training with the Gail Harker Creative Studies Centre in Washington State; taking the London City & Guilds Diploma using her inspiration from West Coast surroundings and her medical background.

As her artwork techniques developed, Anni began showing her works in various BC and WA galleries from 2001 onwards.


• Diploma of Radiography, 1969-1971

• Diploma of Medical Ultrasound, 1978-1980

• City & Guilds: Machine Embroidery Skills, 2003

• City & Guilds: Art & Design Diploma Level I, 2003-2004

• City & Guilds: Advanced Experimental Stitch Diploma, 2003-2007

artist statement