atsuko yoshimura

atsuko yoshimura




Atsuko Yoshimura grew up in Japan and immigrated to Canada in 1996. She has studied ceramics extensively in Japan and Canada. After arriving in Vancouver, she enrolled in the Fine Arts program at Langara College, then received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Emily Carr University of Art and Design in 2006. This dual cultural exposure shaped her unique aesthetic, blending the elegance of Japanese tradition with the inspiration drawn from the dynamic west coast.
Atsuko has produced ceramic work for galleries, craft shows and restaurants around Vancouver. Currently, she creates ceramics from her home studio in Vancouver.

artist statement

My work is deeply influenced by Japanese aesthetics, which emphasize a balance of beauty, tranquility, and simplicity. My work ranges from wheel-thrown functional ware to contemporary sculptures, but the majority is tableware: cups, bowls, plates, and teapots. I strive to make pottery that has both beauty and practicality not only when being used, but also when they are arranged and stacked.
Currently, I work with porcelain and stoneware. Porcelain, a material known for its translucency, changes in appearance with the light. My porcelain pieces are typically white and simple, yet I introduce drama and movement by incorporating throwing marks with refined lines. Stoneware pottery, on the other hand, offers a warmth and beauty that I find captivating. I take pleasure in working with its earthy, rough texture and revealing its inherent beauty.
It is my hope to share my passion and aesthetic vision through my work, and to bring beauty and joy into your daily life.