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christine rio

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Raised on the West Coast in British Columbia, Christine Rio is a rain-loving Vancouverite who discovered her passion for metalworking 12 years ago. With a degree in Classical Studies, and strongly influenced by ancient history, surrealism and goth/steampunk imagery, Christine works to create jewelry that challenges one’s perspective of adornment. Christine is inspired by movement, by abstract shapes, by themes of whimsy or darkness. She works with simple tools and time-honoured traditions to bring life to the metal, paying homage to the artisans of long ago who inspire her work.


artist statement

My go-to quote is from Alfred Hitchcock, “ideas come from everything.” I am inspired by movement, shadow play, abstract shapes. I work to bring those elements alive in the metal, seeking to create textures and contrasts, infusing each piece with a myriad of details so that each time you look at a piece, you can see it from a different perspective. It is my belief that our jewelry, like any art form, should speak to us about who we are. It is more than just an accessory to match an outfit, like wall art should do more than match the furniture. My contemporary jewelry is meant to bypass fashion trends, and open conversations, allowing connection with those around us.