faro sullivan

faro sullivan


Faro Annie Sullivan is a self-taught ceramic artist, educator and studio technician who explores relationships with the natural world through personal and political narrative. She studied creative writing at the University of Victoria and has a degree in Folklore from Memorial University of Newfoundland. Having spent 20 years as a mainly studio production potter as Dirty Girl Clayworks, she is currently exploring other ceramic avenues, including installation and sculpture. She has taught at various locations in Western Canada, including Red Deer College and the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, and currently maintains a position as studio technologist at Camosun College. 

artist statement

I am interested in how the stories we tell create the world around us. My work explores inter-species narratives and relationships through the elemental medium of clay. As a parent and participant in an uncertain world, I want to address action through art, to make the personal political.
My ceramics work is both wheel-thrown and hand-built. I am currently transitioning from a utilitarian studio production to a sculptural practice that pushes the boundaries of function to bring to light issues from the wild world around me. The quiet time spent forming by hand allows me to harness anger and helplessness I feel at the state of the world into something more productive. It allows me to remember joy and wonder at the intricacies and unexpected nature life. Working with clay is a whole-body endeavour; it requires active cooperation and attention. I work as simply as I can, with minimal tool intervention. I am interested in clear and direct communication with the viewer.
Looking closely at small details and personal narrative, I am trying to find my place in the big picture. I hope to bring forth stories and ideas as provocation, to lend a hand in encouraging change.