geraldine rinkel

geraldine rinkel

A Stone's Throw Studio




Clay has been a life-long passion. It wasn’t until in her later years she became a graduate of the diploma program in ceramic studies at Selkirk College, at KSA in Nelson. Still employed elsewhere, she continues to pursue her passion as time allows. A Stone’s Throw Studio, setup in the basement in Kaslo, BC, is where Geri retreats to explore and develop her skills.

Drawn first to thrown functional ware, she has recently started hand-building. Her inspirations derive from botanical and animal imagery as well as primitive references. The vestige of simple, soft and sensual female accents are evident in her darted pieces. Fibre comes to play in her ceramics and pays homage to man’s first material for making art. Geri has a keen interest that her style and form engages the viewer’s natural and harmonic senses.

Ultimately, she would like her work to be held and used, to bring a sense of playfulness and to add a smile to our lives.


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