hope forstenzer

hope forstenzer


Hope Forstenzer lived most of her life in and around New York City, and is now living in Vancouver, Canada. Her work has been shown at D’Adamo Woltz Gallery in Seattle, and at both New-Small & Sterling and The Seymour Art Gallery in the Vancouver area, as well as being sold at Vancouver’s East Side Culture Crawl. She teaches and works out of Terminal City Glass Co-op.

artist statement

I am always looking to build on the rich history of glassmaking, pushing it to see where it interconnects with where the world is now. When I use blown glass paired with stained glass techniques I try to bring the modern human experience into a space historically reserved for religious icons, and when I use use shapes in sculpture that we see daily (balloons, pillows, bodies) I try to bring a new perspective on our own emotional states. And I’m always striving to express the two things I love most about glass – light and emotion. It’s the mix of transparency and opacity, and working with those natural properties to move those who interact with the material, that sets glass apart as a medium to me.