jessandra phillips

jessandra phillips

Mayne Island



Although Jessandra has had a life long love of creating she did not pursue an art degree, instead she studied nursing; eventually become a maternity nurse, birth doula and prenatal teacher. She dabbled on the side with fibre arts and painting while raising four children who were encouraged to paint outside the lines and pursue their own artistic endeavours. In 2003 while living on a small western pacific island she discovered sea glass and was drawn into creating jewelry. On her return to Canada she took silver smithing courses and learned from books and the internet to use precious metal clay to create highly textured ocean inspired jewelry. The learning has continued. Each time she has put her art work in art shows or in galleries and stores Jessandra has challenged her skills in manipulating metal and collected natural materials in order to express her unique point of view.

artist statement

I love the interplay between creativity and skill that is silversmithing. As my skills have increased I’ve felt more freedom to express my crazier ideas. I’m still entirely smitten with textures and found objects I collect from the beaches, forests and farms of our Southern Gulf Islands and I’m exploring the notion of terrior impacting not just food and wine but also the creative processes in art.