jim unger

jim unger

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Jim Unger is a self taught metal artist whose only real formal training was high school art class. Though always interested in art, whether it was drawing, painting, or any of a hundred forms, real life took over.

Jim was first employed as a carpenter and later opened his own cabinet shop. It was at this shop that copper first appeared for him. Jim was asked to build a cupola, a small copper roofed structure on a barn. There was left over copper sheeting and with a little coaxing with a hammer here and there, small copper objects soon appeared.

Well, one thing led to another, and soon many copper objects have been coaxed out of many copper sheets. All though cabinet making and copper work might not seem to be related, both are forms of creativity and both require skill with your hands.

Jim’s work keeps evolving and pieces he made several years ago may not be made now, but are replaced with new fresh ideas that in turn create more ideas.

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