joanna rogers

joanna rogers

pender island



Joanna combines traditional textile art techniques with non-traditional materials to create unconventional textile-based work.

artist statement

I have always enjoyed finding an oddness in things and strive to give visual voice to the incongruities I encounter, or imagine, as I go about my daily life.

I am grateful to have lived on Pender Island, part of the traditional lands of the Tsawout First Nation, since 1999 and I continue to be inspired by the natural beauty surrounding me.

My practice is driven by my response to the continued and worsening destruction of the natural environment and the effect this degradation has on native species of flora and fauna.

I have shown my work in galleries across Canada and in the US. My work crosses the boundaries of Fine Craft and Fine Art and has been exhibited in both contexts since 1994. I was selected as a finalist for the 2017 and 2021 Salt Spring National Art Prize.