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John and Laura Gilroy AMGP, SGAA have been creating stained glass since 1985 when they began an intensive apprentice education in what was then England’s oldest stained glass studio, originally John Hall & Sons Ltd, founded in 1788. There, under the tutelage of R.W. Coomber FMGP, SGAA and J.A. Crombie ARCA, AMGP, they mastered the traditional skills used in creating new windows and in the preservation and restoration of existing windows, and have the combined experience of over 70 years at the highest end of this medium. Together they design and fabricate authentic stained glass to commission, specializing in traditional and contemporary glass painting. Laura is an elected Associate of the British Society of Master Glass Painters for her design abilities, and their studio is a Professional Member of the Stained Glass Association of America. Projects are regularly featured in the Journal of Stained Glass (published in London, UK) and in the Stained Glass Quarterly.

artist statement

Since emigrating to Vancouver from England in 2005 our studio has undertaken many commissions, each has specific requirements, and often multiple viewpoints, that need to be considered and understood. Our designs and art work not only achieve that objective, but use it as a spring board to evolve the concept providing a stunning focal point or a soothing visual pathway. The methodology of authentic stained glass is much the same as was used in medieval times, each step a work of art in itself. We have kept alive many of the traditional techniques and built on them to innovate new ones; blending and honing them to develop a style that makes our work instantly recognizable. Our technique of glass painting is almost a reverse pointillism, using brushes and the point of a needle to create complex depth of tonal values and contrast of light and shade which emphasize the inherent jewel-like quality of artisanal mouth-blown glass. For us, the difference is definitely in the detail.