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julie kemble

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Salt Spring Island jewellery artist, Juliet Kemble, creates ornate body adornments that weave together stories reminiscent of faraway places, mystery and romance.

Soon after graduation from art school, she established herself as a successful surface design artist. Working from her home studio in North Vancouver, her large banners and constructed wall pieces reflected an artistic vision that combined an unpretentious sense of design and composition together with a passionate use of color and an intuitive sense of play.

In the early 2000’s, while enjoying an academic career teaching communication at a Vancouver University, she began designing highly textured jewellery characterized by bold colours, strong design and playful composition that evokes the mood of her textile pieces and is inspired by her love of nature and frequent travels. Her studio in downtown Ganges on Saltspring Island is open to the public three days a week or by appointment.

artist statement

I’m inspired by tribal art and narrative work that suggests a story.  Sometimes the story in my work is obvious, but more often the narrative is left up to the imagination of the onlooker and is enhanced by the wearer of a piece.  I enjoy integrating found objects, such as small pieces of textiles, into my work.  Thus, a piece usually begins with a treasured find that catches my eye because it suggests a story waiting to unfold through the making of a piece. With my preference for applying textures and patinas, my pieces take on an archaeological appeal thus adding a trace of mystery as to their origins.