karole doucette

karole doucette

red boat studio




Artist Karole Doucette has a life-long passion of all art forms. Karole credits over 50 years of exploring different techniques and materials to push the limit of her art. Acrylic painting and ceramic arts are the core of her work.

From a young age Karole has explored ceramic arts. Since 2012 she has rekindled her love of clay. Karole creates functional, decorative, and sculptural pieces with a touch of whimsy and fun from her studio – Red Boat Studio in Errington, Vancouver Island.

Inspired by the land and sea around her home, Karole strives to capture BC moments with colour and enthusiasm. A real West Coast feel emanates from all her work.


artist statement

In my work I strive to capture BC moments with lots of colour and enthusiasm.  I am very fortunate to live and work in one of the most beautiful places in the world – Errington, Vancouver Island.  Exploring the land and sea taking in all its beauty ignites inspiration.

Painting and ceramic arts are my main artistic outlets. It’s a real joy on the occasion that the two meet – painting with glazes, slips and stains on my ceramic pieces. My paintings are acrylic on canvas or board and are very West Coast. In my ceramic work I use both handmade and wheel thrown techniques to create sculptural, decorative, and functional wear with a touch of whimsy and fun.