kate arkiletian

kate arkiletian

north vancouver



Kate Arkiletian is a ceramic artist who was born and raised in the mountains of the West Kootenays. Kate developed a love for ceramics at a young age and went on to study ceramic sculpture at the University of Waterloo. She followed up her BFA with a diploma in functional pottery from the centre de ceramiques Bonsecours in Montreal, Quebec.
Her work explores themes of the natural world, incorporating bold and intricate carvings on the surfaces of her pieces. She works with clay creating both functional and sculptural pieces to create vivid and thought-provoking pieces that celebrate the beauty of the natural world.
Kate has exhibited her work in galleries and exhibitions throughout the lower mainland.
In addition to her work as an artist, Kate is also involved in teaching art. She currently lives and works in North Vancouver.

artist statement

Kate is drawn to the ocean as a powerful symbol of the unconscious mind and the primordial feminine. The ocean represents the deep, mysterious aspects of the psyche that lie beneath the surface, much like the hidden depths of the ocean. Through her work, she often incorporates ocean themes and motifs such as waves and sea creatures to explore these themes. By using these symbols, she hopes to inspire people to connect with their own unconscious and embrace the feminine qualities of intuition and creativity. Overall, Kate’s art invites viewers to explore their own inner depths and celebrate the mysteries of the deep.