kennedy snider

kennedy snider

north vancouver

clay | metal | jewellery


Kennedy Snider explores the relationship between art, craft, and functional wares through ceramics, jewelry. Her passion for ceramics led her to attend Emily Carr University of Art and Design, where she graduated in 2020. Throughout Kennedy’s time at Emily Carr she began and maintained her jewelry business We Mumble, selling jewelry in boutiques and online. Her most recent work is situated in the day to day. Using relief sculpture, she depicts seed pods, flowers, moths, and other creatures to express the potential energy we carry and cumulate through the day.

artist statement

A table is set to provide nourishment and sustenance for those seated, creating a setting for the ritual of sharing and engaging in our own kind of communion. Here we set the table for ourselves, our communities, and our environmental others. These objects of function are intertwined with the natural world, weaving together human ritual and plant life to remind us of our intrinsic interconnectedness.