lesley richmond

lesley richmond




Lesley values the beauty and importance of trees, cooling hot cities, filtering polluted air and softening the hard edges of urban development.
Trees are an important symbol in many cultures. They are used in myths and legends and are generally a revered image. Their long lives allow them to watch over many changes in history.
There is a change in atmosphere as one enters a forest, which suggests a feeling of sanctuary
Trees are even more important today, as a positive force against climate change.

Lesley uses a combination of techniques to create this work that alters the surface of the fabric. She uses techniques learned from industrial processes e.g. devoré from her textile background, adding paper-making and painting skills.
She photograph trees, focusing on the intricacy of their branching structures and then prints these images on silk/cotton fabric, using a dimensional ink. She eliminates selected background areas, leaving the structural images of the tree.
The individual elements are then assembled in a collage. The piece is painted with metal patinas, dyes and pigments and strengthened on the back with plant fibre.

artist statement

Lesley was born in Cornwall, England. She received her art teachers training in London and her Masters Degree in the USA. She taught in the Textile Arts Program at Capilano University Vancouver, until 2003, while continuing her practice as a studio artist. She now works full time in her Vancouver studio.

Lesley has work in public collections in Canada, USA, Japan, Poland, Gabon and S. Korea.