margaret graine

margaret graine

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Some people don’t fit into the ‘formal’ and the ‘expected’. Always self-taught, motivated by self-discovery, Margaret has no formal or expected education that an artist ‘should’ have. In her words: “although formal education is important, having a degree does not mean you are an artist. It is a desire to create beautiful objects that come from within that makes you who you are. The skill of ‘making’ can be learned by problem solving, asking cold metal and stone to warm-up human emotions comes from the artistic soul”. Her career as an artist began early in life with oil on canvas. Painting mountain scenery kept her connected to the Rocky Mountains. Always looking for a challenge and self-discovery in 2003 she moved West, eventually settling in the Robson Valley. This is where she has experienced complete immersion into the unspoiled natural beauty of British Columbia and the Rocky Mountains. In her McBride studio she started experimenting with wearable art created using metals, gems and unusual materials.

artist statement

Inspired by the natural beauty of British Columbia and a constant search for the unexpected in Nature, and on my workbench, accompanied by the challenge of new discovery. Combining the unusual gem materials with metals to create the unexpected outcomes while expressing my love for Nature is very liberating for me as a designer and a jewellery maker.