patricia tozer

patricia tozer


fibre | metal | mixed


Patricia Tozer is a fine artist, experimental silversmith and jewellery designer. Patricia’s influences are varied and include her Irish and Czech heritage and her extensive knowledge of the history of Western art. She has chosen jewellery as the vehicle for her artistic expression because it has the power to cross boundaries, help us find community and to aid each of us in expressing our unique selves. Her work stands out as defiantly different while still being wearable and beautiful.

Patricia studied fine arts at McMaster University and earned her master’s degree at the University of Victoria in Victoria, BC, Canada. She was fortunate to learn metalsmithing from master goldsmith and multimedia artist, Tosca Terán in Toronto, Canada.

Her work earned her an Honourable Mention for her Cages series at the 2022 CCBC Earring Show in the Limited Edition category. She is honoured to have been asked to show some of her art pieces at Milano Jewellery Week in October 2022.

artist statement

The foundation of my art practice has always been process and deep connection to my materials. I am always exploring new techniques and pushing at the boundaries of what constitutes body adornment and jewellery.

Recently I have turned my attention to the challenge of evoking an emotional response through minimal design. I am limiting my palette of shapes in the hopes that the purity of intention shines through. The concept is of something almost recognised, nostalgic, but elusive. They leave an open space for new stories to be told by the wearer.