sue muir

sue muir

north vancouver

jewellery | metal


Sue Muir established FLO Design Co. In 2017. In a short period of time her work has gained recognition locally and internationally. 

Recent accomplishments include publication in British Vogue and Conde Nast Traveller magazines, as well as several fashion layouts in New York. Her art jewelry has been featured at Romanian Jewellery Week, NYJW, Munich Jewellery Week and Arte Y Joya Barcelona. 

Largely self taught, Sue continues to expand her creativity, relying on her instincts an curiosity. She views jewelry as a form of language, self expression and connectedness.

artist statement

For me, creating jewelry is a means to connect – people to nature, people to ideas, people to people. My desire is to create wearable art rather than a wardrobe accessory.  

I approach each design with intention and ease. Never forced or scripted, I allow the raw materials to lead the process. I refer to this as “following the flo”.