susan purney mark

susan purney mark

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As a textile artist, Susan has embarked on a life transforming journey into the world of colour, design and pattern. Working with textiles has become her method of self expression and the focus of her methods of communication. Influenced by an extensive study of line and pattern, Susan is now focusing on combining mark making and stitch in both book forms and wall quilts with an emphasis on a controlled palette. Additionally, Susan creates a variety of dimensional objects suited for gifts and home décor.

She has studied Design, Patchwork and Embroidery with the prestigious City & Guilds Institute of London, England and has studied with internationally acclaimed teachers/quilt makers Nancy Crow, Jan Meyers Newbury, Elin Noble, Gail Harker and Ruth Issett. Susan has also been awarded two Certificates in Art and Design and Textile Design/Decoration from the Gail Harker Creative Studies Centre in Washington, USA.

artist statement

As a fibre artist I have been excited by applying layers of dyes and paints to achieve interesting pattern and texture to the surface of fabric. Over the years, much of my work has been wall quilts but I am excited by the creation of three-dimensional work and have found immense satisfaction in making small vessels and bags that are functional as well as beautiful.

My “Art to Carry” items stand well as small art pieces; each is unique and different from any other piece. They can be formed and shaped in different ways, they can be vessels to hold plants, gift baskets with breads or chocolates, yarn bowls (very popular with knitters) or simply as home décor.

I delight in the process of layering the paints and dyes, allowing each step along the way to suggest and influence the next and while I have a final vision for my finished work, it’s also about the journey to reach that destination.