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suzanne squires

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Suzu | An’s design aesthetic is a fusion of years spent in Canada, travels in South East Asia and 20 years in Japan.

Each enamel or resin piece is finely crafted from silver or bronze, a miniature painting with its own story.

Suzu | An draws much inspiration from Japanese design and craft particularly kintsugi. Kintsugi is the traditional art of repairing broken pottery, sealing the cracks with natural resin and finishing with fine gold or silver powder, making what was previously broken into something more beautiful. She has adapted this technique for her enamel designs.

The resin jewelry is layered and sanded to create a subtle, light infused, matte finish and is embedded with painted washi, silver or gold leaf.

Suzu | An uses simple, asymmetrical forms for her enamel and resin pieces and focuses on creating rich, layered textures. Layering and polishing create subtle, complex colours and reflect light.

The philosophy of wabi sabi is part of her design aesthetic, finding value in imperfection.

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